The Quest for Relevance

I came across an article today from Neue Magazine that poses a very important question: when does the church’s quest to be relevant in today’s world become irrelevant? When does relevance actually detract from the work of God and the uniqueness of the community to which God calls Christian believers? Here’s a little taste of what Josh Loveless has to say:

I believe God wants us to take art seriously and understand that every time the Church creates something, it reflects on Him personally. It’s a huge weight and responsibility, but one that is meant to challenge us to not think through the filter of relevance to the world—but instead, through the filter of creativity as people living inspired by the ultimate Creator. The issue of relevance goes even deeper, as many churches not only steal creativity from the world in hopes of finding relevance, but are also guilty of copying the strategies of other churches to stay relevant to Christian culture. Part of the problem exists because many churches have become followers. The Church’s pursuit of relevance communicates and assumes that we’re following culture, even church culture, rather than shaping it. Though each church is building the Kingdom of God, I believe the blueprints and plans He has for each individual church community will not look the same … and should not look the same.

You can read the full article here.

What are your thoughts? Do you think he has it right? What can Dunbar United Methodist Church take away from his insights?



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