Jorge Acevedo: We have all we need | Faith & Leadership

Check out what the Rev. Jorge Acevedo, a speaker from this year’s Congress on Evangelism in Myrtle Beach, had to say about our unique theological resources in the Wesleyan tradition and how they can help church growth:

With its emphasis on personal piety and social holiness, Wesleyan Christianity is ideally suited to speak to the concerns of our age, says the Rev. Jorge Acevedo.

“The 20-somethings that I have conversations with want a church that has a vital piety but is making a difference in the world,” said Acevedo, lead pastor at Grace Church, a multi-site United Methodist church centered in Cape Coral, Fla. That is precisely the genius of the UMC’s Wesleyan tradition, he said: a church at once committed to Jesus and the kingdom and hands-on ministry in the world.

Setting aside those things that keep the church from remaining true to its Wesleyan heritage is the biggest challenge for United Methodism, Acevedo said. If the UMC can do that, it will have a future of hope, he said.

To read the full article and to watch a video clip, go to the site:

Jorge Acevedo: We have all we need | Faith & Leadership.


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