A Coffeehouse Church

Check out what this United Methodist Church in Texas has done:

Situated close to Highway 281’s frenetic northbound lanes, about 30 miles north of downtown San Antonio, Texas, a coffeehouse called The Loft beckons visitors into its cozy interior.

Visitors are enveloped by the warmth of a wood fire and the smell of fresh-ground coffee and cinnamon rolls. Cushy leather sofas frame the stone hearth, and a wooden staircase leads to a loft with work stations.

“Customers might not know that this is a church,” said Tami Piatnik, who works on Saturdays. Indeed, The Loft displays few crosses or other signs of its affiliation with the United Methodist Church.

Though it wears its identity lightly, The Loft coffeehouse is a core ministry of Riverside, a church community in Spring Branch, Texas, (pop. 7,200) planted six years ago by San Antonio’s Alamo Heights United Methodist Church.

Riverside was born of a pastor’s two epiphanies: One by the Jordan River in Israel, and one in a Texas Starbucks.

The church plant began with The Loft coffeehouse, then expanded to include a food bank, thrift store and a resource center for the needy — all before it held its first Sunday service.

To read the whole article go here. What do you think about this approach to church planting? What can we learn from it?



One thought on “A Coffeehouse Church

  1. This is excellent! I think the Church has been told by society, and each other, the Church ought to look a certain way or operate in a specific type of place.

    Its encouraging to hear of faith communities breaking free from those yokes and pursuing community in unconventional spaces.

    Thanks for sharing Cindy!

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