To Be a Methodist

While Darick and I were on our honeymoon last week, we got into some interesting conversations with some pretty cool people. In the midst of one conversation (somewhere in between the topics of random US trivia and which Superbowl commercials we liked the most), a question came up about what Methodists believe.  As we talked a little bit about this with our conversation partner, I realized that there are plenty of people in the Methodist church who have never really been taught the distinctive facets of the Methodist tradition and what those unique emphases have to offer us today. So with that said, over several upcoming blog entries I would like to point out some of our distinctive theological and practical emphases as a part of the Methodist tradition, not only so we can understand more of where we have come from, but also to see how these things continue to be significant for us in our ministry today. Stay tuned in the upcoming days!



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