Marks of the Acts Church

Over the next several blog posts, I’ll be doing a series on the marks of the early Church as we find it in the Acts of the Apostles. These marks give us much to aspire to, much to be challenged by, but also much to hope for.

Acts is the follow-up to Luke’s gospel and is written by the same author. Acts is a theological account of the birth of the Church and how the gospel began spreading to the ends of the earth. In many ways, it is the beginning of our story as the Body of Christ. While the pages of Acts ends, the story itself does not. It continues on in our midst today. When we look at the marks of the Acts Church, we are really looking at our own DNA.

These marks of the Acts Church that I write about will be broad categories, and by no means are they the only definitive traits. I encourage you to read Acts for yourself to look for the marks that identify the early Church.

The marks I will be looking at are:

  • Spirit-driven
  • mission-oriented
  • communal
  • deeply committed
  • radically hospitable

Each blog post will explore one of those broader categories. Stay tuned!