Confirmation: Making Disciples

confirmation making disciples

If you would like to sign your youth up for Confirmation class, please fill out the form below by February 11. Confirmand journals will be ordered on February 12. Read on below the form for more information!

It is almost time to begin our newest Confirmation journey! Confirmation is for any youth in the 6th grade-12th grade who would like to explore in greater depth what it means to know Jesus Christ and to be a part of Christian community. The Confirmation process consists of two parts: participation in Confirmation class, and the decision to make a personal profession of faith before the church community.

When children and infants are baptized in the church, they are named “preparatory members.” When they grow older, through the process of Confirmation, they go from being “preparatory members” to being confessing, adult members of the church. We encourage all preparatory members to go through the Confirmation process so they can decide for themselves if they are ready to make a personal profession of faith. The Confirmation process is also a time for those youth who have not been baptized to prepare to be baptized alongside making a personal profession of faith. All youth who go through Confirmation class will decide for themselves at the end of it if they are ready to make a profession of faith and/or be baptized if they haven’t already. If a youth decides he or she is not ready yet, that is perfectly ok and can wait until he or she feels ready.

In the class, we will study the Gospel of Luke together, we will learn different prayer and devotional practices, and we will have discussion around topics like the Trinity, worship, spiritual gifts, baptism, death and resurrection, and more.

Youth who do decide to make a personal profession of faith will be confirmed on Pentecost, which is May 24, 2015 at the 10:45 am worship service.

We will meet weekly on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7 pm in the church library. The tentative schedule is below, which we may alter if we find there are significant conflicts. Youth need to be present for at least 9 of the 12 sessions to complete Confirmation class.

February 22: Getting Acquainted & God

March 1: Jesus

March 8: Holy Spirit

March 15: Worship

March 22: The Bible

March 29: Saints and Gifts

April 12: Ministry

April 19: Baptism

April 26: Spiritual Life

May 3: Death and Resurrection

May 10: Life in the Church

May 17: Wrap Up and Prepare