You don’t have to wear a suit to church


man-1598142_1280Pastor Okey has been telling the story about inviting the young men and women of Dunbar Middle School to church on Sunday, October 16th. Mainly, how one boy commented that he can’t come because “you have to wear a suit to church!” The comment draws lots of laughs from the congregation of Dunbar United Methodist.

As I looked around, it is easy to see why. Even the generation of women whman-1456685_1280o once wore white gloves and hats, now wear pants and jeans. I don’t know when the dress code to come to church changed but boy, has it! Now I see football jerseys, t-shirts, dresses and sports coats all side by side.

We don’t care what you wear, as long as you come. We want the person! We want the person to grow closer to God! We want the person to come experience the call of God! What you wear is up to you.

So this Sunday (October 16, 2016), please dress a little less to impress. We want to impress on our new friends from Dunbar Middle that coming to church is important, what you wear is not.


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