Are you the Pharisee or the Tax Collector?

Are you boastful and full of pride? Is the world lucky that you have graced us with your presence? Or are you humble? Does the Lord look at you and see someone who is worthy of His grace?

Luke 18: 9 – 14 was this week’s gospel reading and the subject of this week’s sermon “Who is Worthy?” As the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector was acted out in modern terms, our congregation had a chance to laugh and think. We all could name people who are full of pride, who just by their stance make you feel like they are better than you. But the point of the sermon was for you to think about if you are one of those people. Oh how that changes things?

How do others see you? Do they see you as kind, friendly, willing to help? Or are you stand-offish, arrogant, full of pride? Does your church family see you as your other associates do? Or do you live two lives?

Surely any Christian would know that it is better to be humble before the Lord when praying, but is not your daily life done before the Lord as well? Should we really act differently when we are not at church as we do when we are? How will the world know that you are a Christian – because you say so or because you act so?

Remember the Lord is always watching, always knowing what is in our hearts. Perhaps by remembering that, each of us can remember to act humbly towards others. “Humble and Kind” is more than just another country song that fits the moment.