What do you do with a gift of love?

Today, Pastor Okey talked about finding gifts that people had given his mother still wrapped in plastic, tucked safely away in a drawer.  We found drawers like that in amongst my grandmothers things after her death too.  Things put away until they were needed or because “they are too nice to be used”.  My Grandma was funny about some things.

Then Okey talked about the gift of love that God gave the world — his only son Jesus.  What are we to do with this wonderful gift of love that we have received?  Is it too nice to be used?  Is it needed?  Oh, what should we do with this gift?

It’s not like this is a lacy tablecloth or a silk blouse, it is not just for special occasions.  Jesus is for everyday.  His love and guidance is needed today and every day.  But to truly use the gift of Jesus we must act like Christians.  We must care for the less fortunate; we must love our neighbors (friend or foe); we must make the effort to let the world know about Jesus and the gift of love that He was to the world.  After all the best part of getting a gift is sharing it with loved ones.