Resolutions taken day by day

Today, Pastor Erin spoke of making resolutions for the new year, but at times how it is better to follow a plan in a day by day sort of way.  Sure we all have long term goals.  We want to save more, spend less, weigh less, love more.  But obtaining those plans need to be handled in a day by day process.  Take “Save More” — try the $5 challenge; every time you get a $5 bill, put it in a box and don’t touch the box except to add more $5 bills.  See how much you have accumulated at the end of the year or month even.

To “spend less,” try brown bagging your lunch.  Even doing so just twice a week will cut down on the money you spend on food each week.  If you already brown bag it, spend less time online shopping.  Amazon is convenient but maybe too so.

To “weigh less,” you have to plan your meals ahead of time.  I’m trying to be better at this, but still far short.  Planning your menu for the day makes sure that you get all you should eat and hopefully not all of the extras that you shouldn’t.  Planning for the day will let you limit the carbs you take in for the day over all and not just meal to meal.  This has helped me but still I need to work on it day by day.

To “Love More,”  day by day is all I can say.  Take time each day to love the ones you have with you and remember to thank God for them each and every day.

Remember to listen to God whenever He calls.  As Joseph listened when the angels sent him to and from Egypt to protect the baby Jesus, sometimes the day to day plans we lay don’t match with God’s plan for us.  And ultimately whose plan is more important for us, ours or His?