Do you invite people to church?

I admit it.  I do not invite people to come to church with me.  It is not that I am ashamed that I go to church.  I am not ashamed of where I go to church.  I love my church family that has welcomed me whole-heartedly.  I just don’t feel right telling people to come to church or where they should worship.

Recently, I learned that I have a friend going through recovery.  He is making all the public statements that he has screwed up and is trying to make changes.  I support him in this.  I want to be there for him.  However, I feel odd.  My response to him making these statements was to tell him to find a church home, where he might find the loving support that I have.  I did not say come to Dunbar United Methodist or Elizabeth Memorial or the Universal church downtown — just “a church home.”  I feel like I failed someone, I just don’t know who.

Was I neglectful in not telling my friend where I found such a loving home?
Did I betray my DUMC family by not naming them?
Was I just wrong to tell him to go to church as a way of helping with the recovery?

I am so new to this thought of “sharing” my faith.  I don’t think I have the hang of it. I know that Rev. Okey would have told me to get him to Dunbar UMC quick.  I am just not that comfortable with that.  I have so much to learn and do in my quest to become a disciple of Jesus.