Love thy neighbor.

So tonight DUMC had a farewell party for Pastor Okey Harless.  I have only been at DUMC for a short amount of time, and yes, Okey was the reason we came to DUMC.  Mom liked him from the hospital, so when we started church, we started at “his” church.  Now it is my church but no longer his.  It is sad in ways.  It is confusing in many ways.

Now I hear that members of Dunbar United Methodist are leaving not only Dunbar but the United Methodist Church because of the stance of the church on women and gays.  I guess it was ok for the associate pastor to be a woman — Dunbar has had two of those just since I joined.  But now the head of the church is going to be a woman and that was too much.

Or the fact that the United Methodist Church ordained a transgender person was the final straw.   Well, I say, “Love thy neighbor!”  I have friends that are gay.  I work with people who are gay.  I love people that are gay.  I accept them for who they are.  I deal with them as people, not “gay people”, but people.  A person is a just a person — they deal with the same issues as everyone else — acceptance, loneliness, desire to love and be loved.  Maybe it is time that we all learned the Serenity Prayer.

serenity prayer