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Today Pastor Erin took the reigns of the traditional services.  (Pastor Teresa busied herself with the children’s church group.) As the Candle of Love was lit, Erin asked us all, “How does God’s Love show through us?” How do we show the world that God Loves every one?

Do you do it by trying to exit the office “Holiday” party as quickly as possible or planning for a friend to call with an “emergency” at a certain time when you are to be a family gathering?

How about holding the door for a stranger?  Helping a worker-bee load an oversized load onto a cart when it isn’t even your purchase that he is getting?  Giving extra to the pot to buy for the working poor family that is falling through the cracks at the welfare office?  Are these little tokens enough for someone to say that they see God in us?

“How will they know we are Christians?”  the old hymn sings.  “They will know by our love, by our love.  They will know we are Christians by our love.”

This is a hectic season for most.  But please try to take the time to be kind, generous, and patience.  For it is thorough our actions, our little tokens of kindness, that people will see God’s Love thorough us.