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This week’s sermon discussed the paraboles of the one sheep of 100 that got lost and the one coin of ten that the lady lost. The almost comically mental image of the lady lighting a lamp in midday and doing Spring Cleaning even though it was not spring to find that one coin will stick in my mind for a while. But maybe it is only comical to me to because I have been there. I have searched the whole house with every light on to find my keys or my glasses or some other everyday item.

But what if you were the one lost coin or the one lost sheep? Far from where you belonged? alone? afraid, maybe? trapped? Would you not want some one to search for you?

Jesus searches the world everyday for the ones who are lost, alone, frightened! He searches in darkness and light. I know that he searched for me when I was wondering in the light. My faith walk was never true. I grew up believing but believing in what? God, surely. Forgiveness, most definitely. Needing to be in a community of believers??? There I faltered. I did not grow up in a church; I did not grow up reading the Bible; but I believed in God and Jesus. I am thankful that Jesus kept searching for me even though I was only alone without my community of fellow believers. I love my church family very much and I love to help develop a church family for others. Others may have been lost in darkness; needing God to search for them even harder than for me. But I am thankful none the less.

Next Sunday we will hear about the Prodigal Son. Now there was someone else lost in the light; fallen from grace; alone without a community to belong to. I will listen and glean a new meaning from the story as I relate to being the one that was lost.