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We read about all this stuff that Jesus did; turning water to wine, raising the dead, healing the sick, and teaching us to pray. But did Jesus ever get sick?

I just spent a week with a hacking cough, intermittent fever, and aches. I stayed away from people as much as I could. Slept as much as I could. Now I wonder, did Jesus ever get sick himself?

From the time he started his ministry, he was surrounded by people. In the temple, there were people. By the sea, there were people. Only during his forty days in the wildness before his ministry began was Jesus not surrounded by people. Some may think that he was sick during that time — arguing with the Devil, but was he really sick?

Not that anything is wrong with people. But with people comes germs and with germs comes sickness. Did Jesus ever get overcome by all the germs? I don’t know. Being sick doesn’t make for great drama. A sick Jesus would not make for an interesting person. If He came here to experience the totality of human experiences than he had to get sick sometime. Maybe during the first thirty years of his existence that is just glossed over in the christian Bible.