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It’s the most wonderful time of the year….
Advent is back upon us. A time of hope, peace, love and joy. A time for family and friends; for baking and fun; for lights and gifts. A time to reflect on the year that is closing and rejoice in the year that will be.

I love Christmas — the lights, the crowds, the smells, the fun; but as an adult, I have lost the wonder, the awe of the season. This year, my pastor has chosen to give a sermon series on the Wonder of Christmas. She is encouraging us to explore the season with new eyes and try to recapture the wonder of the season.

Each week has a focus: last week (the first of the series) was the journey of the Magi to find the Christ-child. We need to be as diligent in searching for the Wonder of Christ this Advent season. Is it in the eyes of a child receiving gifts? or the feeling of love as we gather with friends and family? Is Christ present in us as we give to others this season? We are all called to be like Christ! What better way to show that then if the offering of love that comes so easily this time of year.

I hope you can come join us at Dunbar United Methodist Church this advent to renew your Wonder of Christmas.