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I was reading an interesting article from PewForum.org talking about the rise in the number of people in America who do not associate with any organized religion. When asked, they mark “none of the above.”

Now the article was from 2012 so the data is not all that current, but the reasons behind the numbers were interesting to me. People are not going to church not because Mom or Dad stopped making them — that is only part of reason. They think churches are too political, too money hungry, too interested in power or too conservative. Several people have been raised without the church influence — they might believe in God but not the church so much. They believe that they don’t need a church to tell them how to live or think.

I don’t think Dunbar United Methodist does that!

We don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat. We don’t care what your views on government are. Heck, we don’t care if you are only there for the coffee. We want you there. To share, to care, to be apart of something more than yourself.

That was another reason people don’t go to church: society is disconnecting from one another. We spend too much time on our phones or our computers, but not enough time interacting face-to-face. Sometimes the outside world is a scary place, but I think churchgoers see the good in everyone.

DUMC tries to have a place for everyone to belong: Sunday School classes, Women Circles, Men’s Fellowship Breakfasts, Wednesday evening classes and activities. We want you to make a connection, find a friend, share a talent or side dish at the community dinner.

My Sunday School class encourages us to be better people, and if you can’t, come share the story with us. We can all enjoy a good laugh.