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So the question was posed, “Who is Jesus?” It was the topic of this week’s sermon. Pastor Teresa listed all the things Jesus supported and did; spouted Republican views versus Democratic views of Jesus. The ol’ boy did a lot in only 3 years of ministry.

But the real heart of the sermon was, “Who is Jesus to YOU?”

I pondered that Sunday afternoon for a little while; between errands and chores. I pondered that during the week; between word duties and picking out crafts for VBS and driving here and there. I ponder this still.

The VBS material I was given has an alphabetical list of all the traits of God. A is for All-Knowing, B is for Beautiful, C is for our Creator…. You get the picture. I looked at the list and thought about Jesus being all of those things. OK, I have trouble with the Holy Trinity thing and I know that Jesus is the Son, so he would not be the creator. But then other scripture says he was there when it was all created. I hope the little ones don’t ask about this, because it is more than I understand.

However, the list did give me ideals as to Who Jesus is to me. Jesus is Love, Compassion, Caring, Forgiveness. Jesus is the Man among men who could lead us to be all those things to one another. Another of Pastor Teresa’s stories will stick with me in this. The story of the man who tried to help the birds on Christmas eve.

One Christmas eve, a man sent his family to the church to worship. He himself didn’t bother to go; he didn’t understand the whole Jesus, the Son of God, came to save us thing. While enjoying some coffee and quiet, he noticed the weather has started to turn bad. No fear! The family had the ‘good’ car. They would be safe. But then he heard a ping at his window, then another and yet another. He went to look and saw that little birds were hitting the window trying to get inside to the warmth. He knew what they wanted was shelter from the storm and thought that he had a barn that would work just fine for that purpose. So he went out in the cold and opened the barn door for the birds to come in. Still the little birds were drawn to the light at his window. He tried to shue them into the barn, away from the house, and still they pinged against the window. The man tried making bird sounds in the barn to draw the birds in. No luck! Frustrated that the birds were so stubborn, the man thought, “If I was just one of them. I could get them to understand the way to go.” With that, the Christmas bells started to chime.

I really liked that story in that it explained a lot of how I feel about Jesus. Following Jesus makes sense to me in that He tried to lead by example, to do as he wanted us to do. He tried to point out our errors and give us another way to act. jesus was the Great Teacher.