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Who would have thought that the whole world would be in lockdown? But here we are entering week 4 of the “Stay-at-home” order by the government. I always thought I would like to work from home, but not like this.

Palm Sunday was yesterday. The start of Holy Week was different this year. We were asked to put greenery our front doors and share pictures with our church family on social media. Some churches held parades with members waving palm branches from their cars as they drove a designated route. However it was celebrated, Palm Sunday was different.

I miss my church family. I miss the hugs and shaking hands that I used to think was annoying. I miss the smiling facing that I would just nod to when I entered the fellowship time. I even miss the coffee that was often not strong enough. They say you never know what you have ’til it is gone. Well, that is certainly true.

I wish i could say when all this will be over, or whenever it is over, we will all be safe and sound. We will be happier to get together. Until then, the church will remain as empty as the tomb. We will think about that emptiness in a new way this year. Empty may be the church but our hearts should be filled with love and compassion and grace. Maybe this time apart will make us all love the time we have together all the more.