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Just got the email that says choir practice will resume next week — July 4th at 7 pm.

The Back to School Bash is this Saturday.

School starts in two weeks.

The world is returning to normal — well, almost.

Eight counties in West Virginia just came out of green into yellow on the COVID map. Masks are still a thing at some stores and at church. It is disappointing at times. We can do somethings and then we get a smacked in the face with variants. I know God is in charge. I know that this part of His plan, but you must admit that is frustrating to be in the observer’s seat. We just watch as all these things happen. Like the cha-cha dance move — one step forward and one step back.

We have each other. We care about each other. COVID has brought that caring back into the forefront for some. I hope that is not lost as the frustrating part of this dance comes around again.

Pastor Jarrod asked us what our why was for the past couple of weeks. I pray that some of us can say that “why I did” whatever was because I cared. I wear a mask because I care about the kid bagging my groceries at the store. I wash my hands because I care about not getting sick. I don’t want. to get sick because I don’t want to make my family sick. I want my family healthy because I love them. Eventually down the chain from caring is love. Love is the staple of all action chains. I do this because I care; I care because I love. What is my Why? I love!