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It has been a rough year to say the least! We brought in the new year with all of our immediate family contracting COVID. Then in February I suffered a brain hemorrhage. While in the hospital my family was faced with a big change and I wasn’t able to be there. After that my doctor found a growth behind my eye during one of my brain scans. Last month we had flooding in our home. Most recently we had a scare with Lauryn having an accident during a horse show. This past Sunday, Pastor Jarrod shared in his message that “fear is your enemy, trust in God. … but a lot of times that is easier said than done … when your back is up against the wall and you are not sure about anything other than life hurts and it has beating you down and not sure how you will get back up.” I feel we were there and are there now at times. It’s so easy to fear and have doubt and question why. But God has pulled us through and put people in our lives to help us through everything we’ve faced. I am healthier, and even the problems we haven’t quite made it all of the way out of; we are seeing the path to follow. I don’t understand this difficult season my family has been facing, but I know God is working and he has a big plan for me. As Pastor Jarrod said in his message we have to “find strength … find the deeper trust .. and depend on God. Jesus is already working on it!!” 🙌🏻

By Patrick Guthrie