Currently there are five different Sunday school classes at Dunbar United Methodist Church.  They meet at 9:45 – 10:30 AM.  Your presence would only enhance the discussion and understanding of each class.

Please come join the Crusaders, UB/Hustlers, Inquirers, the Christ Followers or the Becomers.



♥ The Crusaders are a small senior class – young at heart.  Plenty of serious study of Gods’s
word and plenty of laughter as we discuss our lives in accordance to the scripture!  Every age is welcome!  The Crusaders meet in the Chapel.





♥ The Inquirers are light-hearted discussion group full of supportive, loving members.  We study God’s word with the help of the David C. Cook Comprehensive Bible Study.  We use this insight to reflect on how the Bible reflects our modern lives. Join the Inquirers in room 202.



SundaySchool3♥ Christ Followers Sunday School Class is a multi-generational group of learners having an open, Bible-based book study. Such a diverse group can be challenging and beneficial for both the pastor and the class.  Each member brings a different strength and perspective to this fun-loving group.  The Christ Followers meet in room 206.