Backpack Buddies need you!!!!
We need you to help both Financially and by Volunteering.

Financially — all donations make a difference!
It take approximately $1500 per month to run the program.
Please consider a monthly apportionment to support this ministry.

Volunteers are needed in many different ways.
Each month, we need shoppers to go to Sam’s Club and pick up the food.
Each Packing Day (about once a month)*, we need people to help pack the bags for the up-coming month.
Every Week, we need people to move totes out of the locked closets to the elevator area downstairs.  This is usually done on Sundays.
Then we also need delivery people to pick-up the totes of food from the basement and deliver to Dunbar Primary and Dunbar Intermediate Schools.

* Pack Days for the 2017-18 School Year are:
August 13th
September 3rd
October 29th
December 3rd
December 31st
January 28th
February 25th
April 8th

For more information, please contact Stephanie Bowman.