Use your gifts…

Today's sermon was about the gifts that God has given us and using them.  How each one of us has been given a gift by the Holy Spirit that make us unique and beautiful, but that if we use those gifts with others in our church family, we make an even more beautiful masterpiece crafted … Continue reading Use your gifts…


Are you dead in the Spirit?

"Come Alive (Dry Bones)" by Lauren Daigle This past Sunday, our associate pastor Erin sang "Come Alive (dry bones)" then preached from Ezekiel 37:1-14.  Erin has a beautiful voice, heart and soul.  She preaches with passion.  Anyone who hears her knows that she carries the Spirit in her.  But this day she wanted to know … Continue reading Are you dead in the Spirit?

Do you invite people to church?

I admit it.  I do not invite people to come to church with me.  It is not that I am ashamed that I go to church.  I am not ashamed of where I go to church.  I love my church family that has welcomed me whole-heartedly.  I just don't feel right telling people to come … Continue reading Do you invite people to church?

A Relationship with God

My Sunday School lesson was about getting rid of things that keep you from having a true relationship with God. The morning sermon was entitled “Foolish Pride.” Coincidence? I think not. Sometimes things just sort of fit together so that you cannot miss the message. Pride stands in the way of many relationships, but especially … Continue reading A Relationship with God

What do you do with a gift of love?

Today, Pastor Okey talked about finding gifts that people had given his mother still wrapped in plastic, tucked safely away in a drawer.  We found drawers like that in amongst my grandmothers things after her death too.  Things put away until they were needed or because "they are too nice to be used".  My Grandma … Continue reading What do you do with a gift of love?